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About Select Green Hotels - a Sustainable Hotel Booking Portal

Select Green Hotels is a booking portal and community of handpicked sustainable hotels in Europe. We work with hoteliers who put sustainability at the forefront of their actions while emphasizing great design and impeccable service. We have personally verified and reviewed each and every one of our hotels.

Our Motivation

Making sustainable travel easy, fun, and inspiring is our main motivation.

While more and more hotels create innovative eco concepts, it still seems rather difficult to find them. Avid travelers ourselves, our founder Isabelle spent hours searching for the right hotels that fulfill our needs in terms of quality, design, and sustainability at the same time. There was no travel platform that provided her with a really good selection.

Our aim is to select only the best green hotels in terms of sustainability actions but also design and service concept and to give them the visibility they deserve.

We strive to make it easier for you to find truly beautiful sustainable hotels. The initiatives and activities of our partner hotels should above all inspire other hoteliers to take positive action and expand their sustainability programs.


Our Philosophy

Being a Fair Partner
Our actions are fair along the way. We build direct and meaningful relationships with hoteliers, so when you book a room through us, everyone gets their fair share. Especially for small, owner-led hotels high commission payments to dominant sites can be stressful.

Being Mindful to Our Environment
Our servers run with 100% renewable energy, we use recycled products and plant trees. Any supplier we work with is required to follow ethical and environmental standards. We know that traveling produces CO2, this is why we actively engage in the reforestation of PEFC-certified forests in Germany.

Creating a Sense of Community by supporting people and businesses that share our values. We partner with other sustainable brands. We believe that sustainable travel is inspiring and uplifting and we do everything to share this vibe with our network of partners, customers, and friends.


Benefits for Hoteliers

Good Visibility Among Like-Minded
As a hotelier, you will join a community of Europe’s most sustainable and well-designed hotels. We put your hotel front and center every time and display your efforts for more sustainability, good design, and authenticity.

Fairness for All
We aim to create strong long-term relationships with you based on trust and transparency. We will plan and individually coordinate our cooperation together from the very beginning, without any upfront fee.


Our Personality

Everything we do, from the selection of hotels to the design of the website, is done with a lot of devotion and real commitment. Each of the hotels on our site has been visited and evaluated by us personally or by someone from our network. We attach great importance to a personal direct exchange with you as our guest as well as with the hoteliers in our selection.

We work exclusively with owner-managed hotels and small hotel groups. You will not find any of the large hotel chains with us. This is important to us to maintain individual service and personal interaction.

Isabelle Winter, Founder of Select Green Hotels


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