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To become part of  Select Green Hotels, properties are vetted for their environmentally friendly use of materials and resources, social commitment, and the preservation of nature and culture of the respective region. We are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs) of the United Nations as well as the criteria defined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Based on these, we have defined eight sustainability criteria according to which we select the hotels.

Take only memories with you,
leave nothing but footprints.

Every hotel on here has been screened by us, guided by a thorough sustainability checklist. A hotel ideally has implemented measures in at least half of the eight sustainability categories in order to become part of Select Green Hotels.



Forming partnerships and supporting vulnerable communities is uplifting for all of us. Does the hotel offer a training program for employees and hire staff from the region it is operating in? Does it purchase locally and actively support local projects to help people in need? If that's a yes, we reward the hotel with a badge for community and social responsibility.


It is not enough anymore to sustain the status quo - rather, we need to work on regenerating the land that was given to us. Many of our hotels focus on the conservation and - some even - regeneration of their environment. We value hotels that are actively committed to marine and wildlife conservation, appreciate and use local handicrafts, and strive to preserve cultural heritage.


Moving towards clean energy consumption should be on everyone's agenda. We check whether a hotel uses renewable energies and has taken energy-saving measures. Some have solar panels on the roof to help with heating or cooling or use A+ appliances to keep consumption low. We love finding CO2-neutral or climate-positive hotels.


Gourmands know that local food always tastes better. Sourcing products regional and seasonal also helps to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, we look for hotels, that use local, seasonal and organic ingredients in their kitchen. Many of our hotels creatively use their space for rooftop or indoor gardens and grow everything from herbs to vegetables in their own gardens and farms. Vegans and vegetarians can use the vegan filter to find the right hotel.


Using natural materials such as wood binds CO2 while opting for reused materials, doesn't produce any additional carbon emissions. Therefore, natural, regional, and vintage is what we like when it comes to architecture and interior design. We look for hotels with organic building materials and an architecture that adapts to the natural environment using regional materials and furniture.


Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, or rot are our guiding principles regarding waste management. For us, one of the most important goals is to avoid waste in the first place. We expect the same from our hotels. Striving for a plastic-free environment and favoring biodegradable products, wherever possible.


Clean drinking water is the essence of existence. Protecting it and securing its supply is one of the most important tasks we have as humans. Depending on the location, water quality differs enormously. Therefore, we verify: does the hotel have its own rainwater collection system, a filter system, and does it take measures to reduce water consumption?


If we don't take good care of ourselves, how can we take good care of our environment? We are in favor of holistic spa products and treatments. Many of our hotels provide programs favoring mind and body wellness. In the rooms, we look for organic shampoo and skincare. If the hotel offers yoga, mediation or Ayurveda, we feel comfortable.