Why Book with Us?

Fair. Green. Stylish.

At Select Green Hotels, we strive to provide the best experience for both clients and hotels. To that end, we focus on quality, experience, and sustainability. We also offer superior services you won’t find anywhere else.

A Green-Focused Company

We strive to make the world a better place and promote hotels that do the same. Right now, it’s challenging for travelers to find eco-friendly locations that provide the best services. We consider the sustainability of all the hotels on our site along with other quality metrics. We also do our part by using renewable energy, planting trees, and reducing emissions in every way we can.


Specials You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

We want to build lasting relationships with our partners and clients. Unlike other booking websites, we offer upgrades, specials, and promos you won’t find anywhere else. Some of our customers have felt the surprise of a welcome gift or a better room. We want to make your booking experience and hotel stay one to remember.


Fair and Affordable Rates

We strive to provide the best prices online, competing with the best booking websites out there. We can do this because we are a company trusted by hotels. We share the same values and always work directly with the properties. To that end, we charge low commission rates, encouraging the best hotels to partner with us.

Our low commission rates benefit you as well, as we can offer the best rates online.


Hand-Picked Selection

We focus on quality overall because we want to ensure that your hotel stay is an all-around positive experience. For this reason, we feature boutique hotels and luxury hotels.

We understand that some sites accept deals from low-quality hotels purely for monetary reasons. They allow them to be listed on their site regardless of the poor experiences others have had.

At Select Green Hotels, we preserve our integrity by only showcasing the best hotels on our site. You can trust that the hotels you’ll see will lead to the best experience possible. Rather than having to question the quality, all you’ll need to do is choose the one that’s right for your needs.


For the Customers and the Environment

We’ve founded Select Green hotels on the principles of excellent service and environmentalism. When you’re looking for a hotel, we’re here to present you only the best options. Book with us today or join our community.