If you book with us you’ll pay the same price as you would at the hotel. There are no additional costs for you.

What fair means to us? We strive to create a business environment in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

We’ve created Select Green Hotels out of a passion for sustainable travel and to offer a platform where inspiring eco hotels can easily be found. Therefore, we’ve personally negotiated direct contracts with every hotelier. We don’t buy rooms and add fees. Since we only work commission-based, you’ll pay directly at the hotel without any added fee.

No Additional Fees for You, Nor the Hotel

How do we do that? Since we have established a direct connection between us and the hotels on our site, the rate that you see on our site is the rate you’ll get at the hotel as well.

Moreover, the commission fee we’re receiving is very fair. That is not just us claiming it, but hoteliers actually confirming this. In fact, our fees are so low that some of our hotel partners have decided to top it up.

The prices we quote are the recommended retail prices given by the hotel. In short, unlike the big online travel agencies, we do not take a high commission per booking. We also do not charge a registration fee. So when you book through us, you’re supporting the hotelier and helping us keep the website running and expand the range of great sustainable hotels.

In short:

  • You as a guest pay directly at the hotel
  • We save hoteliers from high commission fees
  • We don’t add any fee for you when you’re booking
  • We often add a little extra to your stay like a welcome gift

Sustainable Development Goal No. 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Why do we believe being a fair partner is more than “just” an ethical question? The last of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals sums it all: “Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.” Meaning partnerships are the key to successfully implementing these goals.

SDG 17 partnerships for the goals