Sustainability is Not Just a Buzzword for Us

When we set out to create Select Green Hotels, we were aware that helping travelers find sustainable hotels starts with the platform itself. Therefore, we decided to act sustainably in every step we take along the way. From hosting our site on green energy to offsetting our own trips and planting trees close to our office in Germany, we’re working diligently to create a better world.

Here are some of our activities and professional memberships that reflect our commitment:

    • The website is designed by We Are No Robots, an agency dedicated to working for sustainable brands and projects.
    • Both our emails and our website are hosted on servers running on 100% green energy.
    • We calculate our carbon footprint from our business travels and compensate for these by supporting local reforestation projects under the PEFC label.
    • Being a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, we constantly educate ourselves on sustainable tourism best practices.
    • Not just the hotels we work with are being reviewed for their sustainability practices, we also apply our eight criteria to ourselves.

Sustainable tourism can have a positive impact on destinations. The term sustainability goes beyond eco-friendly practices. We look for hotels that are supporting the communities they’re operating in. Our handpicked hotels are vetted for their eco-friendliness and their social efforts.