April 22nd is not just any ordinary day – it’s Earth Day!

Since its inception in 1970 amid widespread social and political unrest in the U.S., this annual event has grown into a global movement highlighting the importance of protecting our world from ecological harm.

Let us stand together on this day and pledge to make small but significant changes for a better tomorrow. In a bid to raise environmental awareness, Earth Day activities are organized worldwide every year.

These environmental initiatives include tree planting drives, educational outreach camps, garbage collection campaigns and more, targeting individuals from different age groups and diverse backgrounds.

It’s never been more important than now to think about our planet Earth and its future. We can all play a part in making things better for ourselves and future generations by following the “4 Rs”- reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore/regenerate.

For Earth Day 2023, the motto is Invest in Our Planet. Make a difference by taking simple but effective steps to protect our planet. Simple small changes in energy consumption, conscious transportation choices, and modest travel decisions can contribute significantly to a greener future. Take these tips and get started today:


  1. Energy use

Turning off lights and electronics when you’re not using them will save energy.


  1. Water conversation

Fixing leaks and using water-efficient products will help conserve our precious resources.


  1. Waste Reduction

Using reusable bags and containers can significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce each day.


  1. Food choices

When it comes to food choices, switching to plant-based diets, and choosing local & seasonally produced foods are good options to minimize carbon emissions.


  1. Transportation:

Choose to walk, bike, or use public transportation rather than driving and support ecological forms of travel such as hybrid or electric cars in order to diminish your carbon impact.


  1. Sustainable Travel

Conscious regard must also be given when traveling, recognizing one’s ecological footprint on the planet. Opting to travel sustainably is more than a trend- it’s a pressing matter as tourism’s effect on the environment becomes more apparent each day. When it comes to sustaining our planet, every decision counts – including where you choose to stay on vacation. Hotels might seem like insignificant contributors, accounting for only 1% of worldwide carbon emissions. However, they’re responsible for consuming a shocking amount of our planet’s freshwater resources and generating considerable amounts of garbage. Choose eco-friendly hotels that prioritize sustainability and environmental protection to reduce the impact of your stay on the planet. Hotel amenities, like swimming pools, air conditioning, and single-use plastics all contribute to waste generation; opting for green lodging helps conserve energy and water.

By selecting lodgings that prioritize environmental protection, ecologically conscious tourists can make a significant difference in reducing harmful effects on the environment. Many hotels have taken steps towards becoming more sustainable including using renewable energy, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and limiting single-use plastics.

Our selection of sustainable hotels offers unparalleled comfort while promoting responsible tourism.


Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Select Green Hotels Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Seeking a hotel that promotes sustainability while offering the ultimate nature experience? Then Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam on Java Island is for you. This eco-friendly oasis was designed with environmentally conscious travelers in mind, leveraging rainwater storage, solar panels, and underground heat storage to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, the stunning atrium provides an abundance of natural light, adding to the already impressive atmosphere inspired by Indonesia’s rich heritage. Be inspired by the sustainable hotel where every detail has been designed with the planet in mind. From the eco-friendly staff uniforms to the elements that can be reused and recycled, the hotel proudly sets an example for a better future.


Cap Rocat

Select Green Hotels Cap Rocat Mallorca pool

Discover a luxurious stay at Cap Rocat in Mallorca, where nature and sustainability are top priorities. The hotel’s commitment to the environment is evident in its proprietary water supply system, which desalinates seawater and converts it to drinking water as well as capturing rainwater for use in irrigation. Take in breathtaking views of the Mediterranean from your private pool and indulge in your room’s Mediterranean decor. Pamper yourself in the limestone spa or take a dip in the saltwater infinity pool and enjoy seasonal, avant-garde Mallorcan cuisine that uses only natural ingredients.


Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort

Select Green Hotels Santa Barbara Eco Resort Azores

Celebrate Earth Day 2023 in style at the Santa Barbara Eco Beach Resort, where investment in our planet is a way of life. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability includes regular beach clean-ups, marine life conservation, and eco-friendly cleaning practices. The resort’s construction and design perfectly complement the natural environment for a harmonious experience. Savor farm-to-table cuisine while basking in the Azores’ stunning scenery or choose from an array of signature rituals that soothe both body and soul.


Six Senses Douro Valley

Select Green Hotels six senses douro valley

Six Senses Douro Valley offers an exceptional experience: they’ve replaced all single-use plastic amenities with reusable dispensers and have developed a fully operating compost system. Furthermore, the hotel proudly supports local conservation projects, such as protecting wild cats and donkeys in the region. Take a tour of their Earth Lab to learn more about regional food production while enjoying fresh organic cuisine straight from the hotel’s garden. Moreover, rejuvenate your mind and body with Six Senses-special treatments using locally produced products at their award-winning spa. Experience the charm of the Douro Valley from our UNESCO World Heritage site hotel. Our establishment boasts 60 luxurious accommodations, three top-notch restaurants, and a wine cellar stocked with the finest wines that Portugal has to offer.