Retreat. To retreat from a stressful everyday life. Retreating from an unhealthy lifestyle. Or retreat to find yourself.

Is this what you’re longing for? After all, often a wellness vacation isn’t enough to leave the daily hustle and bustle behind and focus on yourself. How about something more intense? You can achieve relaxation for the body, mind, and soul through a retreat. In this blog article, we explain to you what exactly a retreat is and introduce you to three beautiful, sustainable hotels with a variety of retreat programs. There might also be a suitable program for you here

What is a Retreat?

Originally, the concept of a retreat comes from Buddhism. A monk often retreats into solitude to focus on meditation away from everyday life and the environment. This type of retreat is becoming increasingly popular outside of Asia. Following the Buddhist concept, it is a special kind of self-discovery. When we speak of a retreat today, we mean a program of several days, planned from beginning to end and designed specifically for you. You will participate in a series of treatments or activities led exclusively by professionals. In addition to the program, you will also have time to explore the surroundings of your retreat or go on excursions.

Retreats come in all forms. Yoga, sports, beauty, or health. Find the right program for you at the following hotels.


3 Sustainable Retreat Hotels

In these beautiful hotels surrounded by nature, you will reconnect with yourself and your body.

Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

Select Green Hotels Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

The Retreat Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann is located in the idyllic Bregenz Forest in Austria. Surrounded by mountains and forests, you can enjoy pure relaxation and focus completely on your body and mind. The hotel by organic beauty pioneer Susanne Kaufmann offers 4 different retreats:

  • Discovery Retreat Package (3 nights): In this program, you will learn about Susanne Kaufmann’s natural cosmetics and participate in active programs such as yoga and qi gong. You will also enjoy a full-board experience with a menu from Signature Cuisine, Detox Cuisine, or Weight Management programs.
  • Detox Retreat Package (4 or 7 nights): The program includes a detox with targeted exercise, customized treatments, a personalized body check with fitness experts and more to get your metabolism back on track. Also, enjoy a full board Detox Cuisine made with natural foods and a coordinated tea treatment.
  • Holistic Beauty Retreat (3 or 7 nights): The focus of this retreat is your skin. Through conscious nutrition, targeted care, various treatments, and physical exercise, your skin will be cared for both inside and out. Enjoy full board with detox cuisine and a coordinated tea treatment.
  • Immune Boost Retreat Package (3 nights): In this retreat, you strengthen your immune system. Special treatments, a healthy diet, a night of restful sleep, and sufficient exercise in the fresh air are part of the program. In addition, you will enjoy full board with Detox Cuisine.

Details about the programs and treatments can be found here.

Hotel Post Bezau exclusively welcomes Select Green Hotels guests with a Susanne Kaufmann Booster Shot upon arrival, and offers a complimentary room upgrade, and late check-out upon availability.


Ecohotel El Agua Tenerife

Ecohotel El Agua Teneriffa Yoga Vegan

Ecohotel El Agua is located on the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife. Relax in your private villa with a saltwater pool and jacuzzi, a large garden, and a terrace. Participate in one of the 4 retreats that take place throughout the year. The retreats can be booked for a period of 4, 7, 14, and 21 nights:

  • Detox and Regeneration: In this program, you will achieve an internal cleansing of the body and metabolic balance through nutrition, light detox treatments, and workshops. You’ll enjoy a half-board diet of revitalizing foods, including remineralizing juices, green tea and fruits.
  • Water for Health: The retreat offers a comprehensive hydrotherapy program. In addition to hydrotherapy programs, breathing exercises, massages and more. You’ll enjoy half-board with vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan menu choices.
  • Personal Training and Weight Control: In this program, you can expect a customized sports schedule, and fitness and nutritional advice from specialized professionals. You will also enjoy a massage per day and half- board with vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan menu choices.
  • Asanas: The retreat includes daily activities such as yoga, pilates, meditation, relaxation, and pranayama. In addition, you’ll be treated with massages, a private jazz or classical concert, and half-board with vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan menu choices.

Each retreat also includes an epigenetic test and medical screening upon arrival.

Details about the programs and treatments can be found here.


Es Raco d’Arta

Select Green Hotels Es Raco d'Arta Mallorca

Nestled in the beautiful nature of Mallorca lies Es Raco d’Arta. This hotel is a place of transformation, a place where you can live in the present moment. Ideal for those who need a break from stressful everyday life. Unlike the other two hotels, this resort does not offer a complete retreat package but rather sets it up for you individually on arrival. You can choose from a variety of experiences. All experiences are led by experienced therapists:

  • Mindful movement and different types of meditation
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling
  • Arts and crafts workshop (e.g. pottery)
  • Workshop on medicinal plants and herbs
  • and more

Select Green Hotels guests can participate in yoga and meditation classes free of charge.