One of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Greece welcomes millions of tourists into its borders each year. Greece is home to radiant beaches, rich Greek culture, and a plethora of breathtaking historic sites. In recent years, travellers have begun to shift towards eco-friendly hotels that they can feel good about staying at. Greece has always been a world leader in food sustainability, but the country is making phenomenal strides towards going green in other ways to enhance its overall status as an eco-friendly travel destination. In this easy-to-read guide, we are sharing some of the best green hotels in Greece for travelling sustainably. Pack your bags!


What is Eco-Luxury?

Eco-luxury, commonly referred to as sustainable luxury, is a term used to describe hotels, homes, and products that are curated with a sensitivity towards the environment. In the case of eco-friendly luxury hotels, this would include sustainable resorts and hotels that operate in a way that allows their guests to leave behind the smallest carbon footprint. So, what does this mean? At the best eco-hotels in the world, you will find organic and sustainably-made products, furniture made from recycled or natural materials, and energy-efficient appliances—among other things. Eco-friendly luxury hotels (aka eco-luxury hotels) allow you to enjoy a lavish experience while remaining environmentally conscious. For travellers everywhere, eco-luxury combines the best of both worlds.


What Makes a Hotel Sustainable?

Before we break down our top picks for the best green hotels in Greece, let’s discuss what makes a hotel sustainable. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to sustainability. To be a sustainable or eco-friendly hotel, it must actively work to reduce its environmental impact through sustainable operation practices. Some of the common types of green policies that eco-friendly hotels employ include zero waste initiatives, utilising environmentally-friendly products, serving sustainably-grown food, working with local artisans, and using sustainable energy sources. To sum it up, here are some of the primary components of sustainable travel that eco hotels generally focus their support on:

● Accessibility
● Animal Welfare
● Carbon Emission Reduction
● Community Support
● Renewable Energy
● Water Conversation
● Zero Waste

While there are many ways a hotel can go green, the overall goal is to reduce the carbon footprint both for the hotel itself and for the guests who stay there. Now that you know what makes a hotel sustainable, let’s dive into the best green hotels in Greece.


10 Best Green Hotels in Greece

If you’re looking for eco-luxury in Greece, look no further than these incredible hotels. From sustainable energy sources to furniture made from all-natural materials, each of the eco-friendly hotels listed below offers a luxurious way to enjoy all that Greece has to offer without bringing harm to the environment.

Here are the 10 best green hotels in Greece:


1. NOMAD Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece

Select Green Hotels Nomad Mykonos suite

Mykonos might be well-known for its thriving nightlife scene, but NOMAD Mykonos offers a different kind of indulgent escape. This stunning eco-luxury hotel features 13 minimalistic suites, each decked out in calming earth tones and subtle elegance.

NOMAD is all about healing and relaxation, which is made evident in every metre of this bright and airy sanctuary. One of the best green hotels in Greece, NOMAD shows its dedication to sustainability through energy-efficient windows, locally-sourced cuisine, and natural materials used to build the eco-hotel. Rooms start at €620 EUR per night for a sea-view suite outfitted with a private outdoor jacuzzi at this sustainable hotel.


2. OKU Kos – Kos, Greece

select green hotel OKU Kos laidback luxury pool suite

Inspired by traditional architecture and the Greek way of life, OKU Kos is an adults-only sanctuary with an extensive list of amenities to keep its guests happy. Indulge in a restorative treatment at the spa, enjoy internationally-inspired cuisine at the beach club, and enjoy the famous Aegean sunset from the seclusion of the eco hotel’s private beach.

OKU Kos is one of Greece’s most eco-friendly luxury hotels for many reasons; including the use of solar panels, locally-sourced produce, furniture made from organic materials, organic beauty products for guests, and abstaining from the use of single-use plastic.

Rates start at €135 a night—a steal for what you get in return. Oh, and did we mention that this sustainable hotel offers complimentary daily yoga?


3. Aristi Mountain Resort – Aristi, Greece

Select Green Hotels Aristi Mountain Resort

If you’re a traveller searching for some of the best views in Greece, then the Aristi Mountain Resort might just be the eco-luxury spot for you. This dreamy alpine resort rests at the highest point of the Aristi village, offering a secluded way of taking in all the best that the breathtaking Zagori region has to offer.

The award-winning Aristi Mountain Resort is a bucket list destination for travellers from around the world for its dramatic scenery, impressive activity options, and dedication to being a sustainable hotel. This eco-hotel chooses the sustainable route in every way possible, from recycled water and locally-sourced produce to energy-efficient windows. Rates begin at €140 EUR per night for a double room and can be booked online.


4. ACRO Wellness Suites – Crete, Greece

Select Green Hotels Acro Wellness Suites room cave suite

If you’re looking for the epitome of eco-luxury, you can find it at ACRO Wellness Suites on the island of Crete. This sustainable hotel in Greece offers its guests a choice between a jaw-dropping cave suite and a mind-boggling villa—each with a striking view of the Cretan Sea, of course. ACRO Wellness Suites works with the natural landscape, adding to the enchantment of this adults-only paradise.

Centred around balance and wellness, this incredible eco hotel guarantees to provide a restorative experience. ACRO maintains a sustainable way of life through locally-sourced produce, architecture built with natural materials, and free daily fitness classes to further convey their emphasis on wellness. Rates start around €415 EUR per night for a suite or villa in this paradisiacal destination.

5. Cretan Malia Park – Crete, Greece

Select Green Hotels Cretan Malia Park

Perfect for couples and families alike looking for a stylish beachfront getaway. This sustainable resort in Crete is set along a private sandy beach. Modernist rooms and suites are sprinkled across the property opening up to the sea, botanical gardens or the pool.

Mediterranean colour palettes and art finds from around the world are decorated throughout this sustainable hotel, draping the property in bohemian sophistication. You can expect to find organic produce from the property’s own garden, natural materials, and native plants preserved without harmful pesticides. Rooms start at €139 EUR per night in the off-season, so book early to benefit from better rates.


6. Pilot Beach Resort – Crete, Greece

Select Green Hotels Pilot Beach Resort Crete

Set near the Georgioupolis sea, the Pilot Beach Resort is easily one of the best family-friendly luxury resorts in Greece. This award-winning sustainable hotel is revered for its stellar amenities, unparalleled service, and postcard-worthy scenery. Sip your welcome cocktail as you take in the 150,000m2 of resort space, which includes 450 units, four restaurants, and three bars.

Pilot Beach Resort prides itself on its green philosophy, which boasts a dedication to preserving the natural environment by minimising its ecological footprint. This impressive eco hotel displays its dedication to sustainability through regular charitable donations, solar panels, locally-sourced food, water-saving appliances, and a recycling program. Rates start at €120 EUR per night for a bungalow, which includes free internet and a breakfast buffet.


7. Coco-Mat Athens BC – Athens, Greece

Select Green Hotels Coco-mat Athens BC

Located in one of the most historically relevant cities in the world, Coco-Mat Athens BC delivers a new dimension of hospitality through an impressive combination of nature, history, and sophistication. Views of the Acropolis and Parthenon guarantee to take your breath away while the eclectic design and modern comforts continue to pique your interest with every step you take.

Coco-Mat Athens BC is committed to its status as a sustainable hotel, which it displays through locally-sourced produce (the leftovers of which are donated), all-natural materials, and electricity-free equipment. Rooms at this elegant eco-hotel start at €130 EUR per night for a city-view room that includes a traditional Greek breakfast buffet.


8. The Rooster Antiparos – Antiparos, Greece

Select Green Hotels The Rooster Antiparos

A true hidden gem on the tiny Greek island of Antiparos, The Rooster Antiparos lives on 30 acres of hills, ruins, and sand dunes above an enchanting beach. This eco hotel’s 16 private suites are intentionally built to blend into the environment, making for an ultra-secluded getaway with an atmosphere that appreciates its surroundings.

The Rooster Antiparos, a sustainable hotel focused on wellness, takes part in regular beach cleanups to ensure that the island stays as beautiful as it’s always been. All spa and bath products are organic, the property is built with natural materials, and the food is locally-sourced. Rooms start at €675 EUR per night for a garden-view or sea-view suite.


9. Koukoumi Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece

Select Green Hotels Koukoumi Mykonos Vegan Hotel

Koukoumi Mykonos, the only vegan hotel on the island, is an oasis for guests who want to recharge their batteries in one of the world’s most sought-after destinations without sacrificing their vegan lifestyle. This elegant and minimalist eco-hotel focuses on eco-luxury in every way, from its world-class vegan cuisine featuring local produce to its magnesium pool and energy-saving appliances for greater energy efficiency.
Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or not, this sustainable hotel will accompany you on your journey from the moment you arrive, offering unique services like gorgeous spa treatments, personal trainers, and nutritionists. Rates start at 297 EUR per night for a standard suite, which includes a private balcony and complimentary vegan breakfast.


10. Rocabella Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece

Select Green Hotels Rocabella Mykonos room with view

This bohemian retreat set in the heart of Mykonos prides itself on being a safe haven where its guests can feel fully relaxed. Rocabella Mykonos is a sustainable hotel curated specifically for travellers seeking authentic experiences, with comfort as the primary goal. The chic minimalistic design, bright earth tones, and stunning Aegean Sea views work together to put guests at ease from the moment they arrive.

Rocabella Mykonos features two organic and locally-sourced restaurants, architecture made from local materials, and solar panels to heat its water. If the eco hotel’s stunning architecture doesn’t draw you in, the seaside views from the infinity pool sure will. Room rates start at around €160 EUR per night and can be booked through the hotel website.

Why is Sustainable Travel Important?

Over the last ten years, we have grown increasingly aware of the harsh impacts the tourism industry has had on our environment. In the United Nations 2020 Greening the Blue Report, the Secretary-General wrote that “We are all part of the global climate crisis, and our efforts to achieve environmental sustainability are essential to tackling it.”

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers around the world have developed a deeper commitment to sustainability. Now, eco-friendliness is no longer a choice for the hospitality industry. The world economy shrank by 4.3 per cent in 2020, which has led to an increased desire by travellers to support recovery efforts in local communities.

Sustainable travel helps to protect the beautiful destinations we all travel to explore while boosting the local economy of small communities. With sustainable travel growing as a deciding factor for tourists, it’s time for hotels everywhere to hop on board if they want to stay relevant. Do you think eco-luxury travel is the way of the future?